Everything you need in one package, registered office, company secretary, multi currency bank account opening remotely, credit card payment solution for your online businesses.

About Us

We are a leading company formation provider. We provide onshore and offshore company registration along with administration and management services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Cyprus, Malta, Belize, BVI, Panama, Seychelles and more.

We decided to open our group’s headquarter in Hong Kong due to China’s and South East Asia’s growing importance in the world economy. Hong Kong in our opinion being the most important financial center in the region. The Ease of Doing Business Report and Global Competitive Index Survey ranks Hong Kong as one of the most competitive economies in the world thanks to it’s strategic location, being politically stable, business friendly government, low taxes, a well-versed and productive work force and the ease of doing business in general.

Our goal is to provide fast, hassle free company registrations worldwide, with the best privacy available at transparent and competitive prices. Besides having competitive prices we also provide a highly distinguished and personalised service, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s world with fast changing regulatory and compliance environment. We are a one stop shop for every need our clients might have, not just do we offer company incorporation services with the normal registered office and annual maintenance services, but also professional director and shareholder solutions, assistance in opening company bank accounts – even in jurisdictions known to be notoriously difficult to open an account in, online payment solutions, accounting and audit services, immigration/residency/citizenship services in tax friendly jurisdictions, mail forwarding and phone management (virtual offices), anonymous no name prepaid Mastercard debit cards and more.

When we first opened for business back in 2007, we aimed to become of the major corporate services providers in the world. Our high expectations were surpassed by a great deal. Still today, we continuously strive to improve our services offering and our competitive prices.

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