Bank Account Opening

Difficulties opening a bank account in Hong Kong?

Have you or maybe a friend ever tried to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong, just to have the account application denied a few months after it was initiated. Opening a company account in the city is notoriously difficult. Compared to a few years ago when it was relatively easy to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong, the jurisdiction is now considered to be one of the more difficult ones. Even big multinational groups are finding it increasingly difficult to successfully open bank accounts in the jurisdiction.

Don't worry, we can help you!

However, we as your dedicated company secretary, know exactly the process that entails the business bank account opening. Before you come to Hong Kong, we will pre-screen your application and advise you whether you should prepare additional documents or information to increase the likelihood of your application being accepted. Normally we do not proceed with a client’s bank account opening unless we are 100% sure of the account being opened. Besides opening bank accounts, we also open stock brokerage accounts and set up payment processing facilities for e-commerce businesses.

Extremely liquid and safe banks

Hong Kong is renowned for its first class banking system. Privacy, extremely liquid and safe banks, free movement of capital, low transaction fees are just some of the benefits clients look for when opening bank accounts in Hong Kong. Aside from the stringent business registration, opening bank account(s) in Hong Kong also conforms to strict procedures that will demand your time and effort.