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About Us

Who we are

We are an international offshore incorporator, specialized in low tax or tax-free offshore company registration. The jurisdictions we work with include Hong Kong, UAE, Singapore, B.V.I., Belize, Malta, Cyprus, Panama, Seychelles and more. We also offer highly sophisticated asset protection structures, offshore bank account opening both for corporations and individuals, offshore brokerage account, offshore credit cards, offshore e-commerce solutions and virtual offices.

Our group's headquarters is in Hong Kong with associated offices in Belize, B.V.I., Cyprus, Malta, Panama, Seychelles and Singapore. One of the main reasons that we chose Hong Kong as the location for our group’s headquarters is their strict secrecy. We never release information to third parties unless there is a court order, in Hong Kong or the country where the structure is located, to do so.

We have among the best prices in the business but what we think is even more important is that we provide a high level of service.

When we first started we aimed to become one of the biggest offshore company providers. Our expectations were exceeded by far. We continuously strive to become even better, offer a greater variety of services at exceptionally good prices.