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Delaware Companies are suitable for:

  • Businessmen
  • E-commerce
  • Consultants / Counsellors
  • International business
  • Holding intellectual property rights
  • Custody vehicle of movable and immovable property
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth management

Delaware Companies quick facts:

Company type Limited Liability Company (LLC). All companies incorporated under this regulation should use LLC as their suffix.
Governing corporate legislation The Delaware Secretary of State is the governing authority and companies are regulated under the Delaware Corporation and business law.
Information relating to company officers There is no public register of company officers. No name is disclosed upon incorporation.
Confidentiality Delaware offers a high level of anonymity and privacy
Accounting requirement No accounting / reporting requirements. However an FBAR form has to be filled out if the company’s bank account balance at any time during the year exceeds 10,000 USD.
Taxation No taxes of any sort as long as there is no business and no transactions in the United States
Currency US$
Timeframe Delware has a fast and efficient Registry : company registration takes only 48h.
Stability Stable jurisdiction with outstanding reputation
Time Zone GMT-4
Secretary required No
Paid up capital requirement No paid up capital requirement
Basis of legal System Common Law
Minimum shareholders / directors Minimum of 1 Director and 1 Shareholder
Bearer shares No
  Fee (USD/EUR) Renewal Fee (USD/EUR)

Delaware Company, basic company formation incl. registered office, first year's government fees, agent fees.



Nominee Director



Nominee Shareholder



Apostilled & notarized power of attorney (only if you have ordered a nominee director)



Set of certified copies of company documents (by notary public with apostille)



Courier Delivery MANDATORY



Required documents: Notarized passport copy, utility bill in original. A bank reference letter or other professional reference letter can be required for some bank account openings. Please contact customer service for details. None of the documentation can be older than 3 months.

CAUTION: Many others list low fees that do not include what is necessary, our fees are Complete.

Read more about Delaware Companies below:

About Delaware

Delaware has one of the most business-friendly legal system within the US. More than 50% of the companies listed on NY Stock Exchange, are registered in Delaware. And for Fortune 500 companies, the number is even bigger, 60% are registered in Delaware. Delaware has an outstanding reputation as a jurisdiction for incorporating and manage companies.

Jurisdiction Information

Delaware is a world-class jurisdiction for incorporation. It is best known for the following three factors:

- The well-established and flexible Delaware General Corporation Law favours all sizes of corporation in Delaware.

- The Delaware Court of Chancery was established in 1792, and has written most of the modern U.S. corporate & case law.

- The Secretary State’s Division of Corporations (The Company Registrar) is well-organised, well-funded and is using a sophisticated and modern IT-system.


Delaware provides favourable tax legislation. LLCs in Delaware with non-resident members, are not required to pay tax or to file a US income tax return as long as there are no transactions within the United States. However if the company bank account’s balance at any time during the year exceeds 10,000 USD, you are required to file a FBAR form.

Geographic Location

Delaware is the second-smallest state in the United States. Situated in the Northeast coast of US, bordered to the south and west by Maryland, northeast by New Jersey and north by Pennsylvania. The capital of Delaware is Dover.


According to the United States Annual Estimate of the Population in 2015, the population is 945,934. It is the sixth least populated state, but also the sixth most densely populated of the 50 States.


English is the main language used.


Delaware has 6.2% of millionaires per capita within the State. It is the ninth wealthiest state in United States.

The main employed industries are: government; education; banking; chemical, pharmaceutical, technology; healthcare; farming and retail.


Delaware is well connected with the U.S. Interstate Highway system – Interstate 95 (I-95) and state highways throughout the state of Delaware. There are also 1450 bridges within the State.

Rail and bus services are also used for connecting between counties.
Since Delaware is located on the coast, ferry services are also available to enter the state.

The most commonly used international airport to Delaware is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). For domestic and international transit, the known airports are Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).