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Terms and Conditions

L.P. Corporate Services Asia Ltd. (hereinafter called "LPCS") is a registered Hong Kong Company. Company number: 1705695

By placing an order at our website (www.lpoffshore.com) you agree to these "Terms and Conditions".

  1. I request that the Company and / or Services be provided to me by LPCS and that I have read and understood the requirements contained in this Application Form and in consideration of LPCS approving the Application and supplying the Company and/or Services requested, I agree to be bound by those conditions as if they were incorporated into and made a part of this Declaration.
  2. I have neither been offered nor have received legal or tax advice from LPCS.
  3. The Company/bank accountwill not be used for the following activities: trading in arms, weapons or munitions; pornography; gambling and the illegal activities in Hong Kong or in the country of business.
  4. The Company/bank accountwill not be used for financial business involving the solicitation of funds from the general public; offering investment advice to the general public; the management of investments other than the property of the company or the operation and administration of collective investment schemes.
  5. I am not prohibited under the laws of any country by reason of being a minor or otherwise disqualified from being a party to a contract; I am not and have never been an undischarged bankrupt; my assets are sufficient to meet the current or expected demands of my creditors; I have never been disqualified from acting as a director in any jurisdiction or been imprisoned or found guilty of any criminal offence (other than a motoring offence carrying a non custodial sentence) or been proven to have acted in a fraudulent or dishonest manner in any civil proceedings, I have never been subject to a judicial or other official enquiry and I am not resident in a country subject to any embargo imposed by the Security Council of the United Nations or Hong Kong.
  6. I will at all times irrevocably and unconditionally indemnify LPCS and any parent, subsidiary or affiliate thereof and their directors, officers, employees, agents and consultants against all proceeding, suits, damages, fines, expenses, penalties and liabilities arising or brought against any of them by reason of any breach of the above declarations or the provision of the Company and any services.
  7. LPCS does introductions to banks and stock brokers on behalf of clients. LPCS can not guarantee the time frame or the actual account opening. It's up to the bank to approve or disapprove the applications. LPCS can not be held responsible in any way for late account openings or accounts not being opened at all.
  8. Any dispute arising out of the Application or the provision of the Company or Services pursuant to it shall be governed by the law of Hong Kong and submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of its Courts.
  9. LPCS shall be entitled by written notice to cease providing services with immediate effect if the client’s or client’s appointees in the reasonable opinion of LPCS fail to observe to the fullest extent the terms of this Declaration, and in the event of any legal proceedings are commenced against the Company, the clients or the clients appointees.
  10. Refunds will be given at discretion of the management.