Anonymous No Name Debit Cards


It is with great pleasure we can reveal that we have partnered with a reputable Hong Kong financial institution that can provide our clients with a discrete, high limit debit card as well as an E-account that can receive payments from all over the world. Besides accessing the funds on your card through purchases in physical stores and restaurants, online purchases and ATM withdrawals, you can also transfer funds to friends or colleagues within the same system.

A truly universal and easy-to-use payment card together with an online platform where you can check your balance and conduct transfers to other card holders.

✔ No name printed on the card or on the magnetic strip
✔ No spending limit
✔ Perfect as payroll cards
✔ Card-2-Card transfers
✔ Top up card by international bank wire transfer (third party transfers accepted as well as long as proof of funds can be shown through invoice or similar)
✔ Easy to use online platform
✔ Issued by reputable Hong Kong financial institution

Payment Card

The card is a true high limit, no name, prestige debit card. Since it is an international card, it means it is accepted at millions of locations; in ATMs, in Point-of-Sale Stores, and Online. The card can only be issued in HKD. The maximum balance of the card is 100 000 HKD (ap. 13 000 USD), so at no point can the balance be higher than 100 000 HKD. But as soon as you have spent all of or part of your balance you can top up your balance again. This means effectively that there is no monthly or yearly spending limit.

E-Account & Online Platform

With the E-account you can quickly and safely check your balance and make online money transfers to other registered card users.

The online platform is straight forward and easy to use, adjustable to your needs. No hidden fees.

The financial institution issuing the card adopted all the best features of the Hong Kong banking system, allowing their clients a confidential and reliable service. They offer you safety, security and peace of mind.

The best online & mobile technologies for electronic payments, Hong Kong’s financial security and confidentiality, plus the reliability and ease of use makes this card the best one available on the market today.

The price is only 1,495 USD / ca. 1.399 EUR for this amazing discrete debit card.

If you are interested in more than 2 cards, for example if you want to order payroll cards for your employees, please send us an email to for a bulk discount.