Ajman Sharjah Ras Al Khaimah UAE Offshore Company SAIF Free Zone with Dubai Bank Account

Move Dubai

UAE is firmly cementing its place as a global business hub thanks to to its numerous financial benefits, strategic location, open and diversified market, and amazing growth potential. In addition, UAE has several other unique advantages like:

✔ Permission for 100% foreign ownership
✔ Complete anonymity and privacy
✔ Fast incorporation process
✔ Access to flexible corporate bank account that supports multiple currencies
✔ Exemption from income tax, corporate tax, and capital gains tax.
✔ An investor can incorporate the company without meeting the authorities by using a registered agent as the liaison.

Enjoy low tax, secrecy, and growth for your business in UAE!

End-To-End Support, Streamlined application process guaranteed

We provide an end to end management of your application process and minimize the administrative burden that is usually associated with any immigration process. Our expertise is guaranteed to streamline the process and makes it as quick as possible.

We always give clear and step-by-step guidance to you for all the UAE immigration formalities. In case you require any immigration advice pertaining to your family or company staff, our professionals are always available for any assistance to you in this regard.

As the first step, the company should be incorporated and have a valid trade license.

The residency visa is processed after the incorporation of the company is formally done in one of the UAE Free Zones.

Procedure & Time Frame

a) You confirm and make the payment also you provide us with your passport copy and suggested company names. 
b)    We get the company name approved and are ready for your arrival (1-2 days) 
c)  You arrive on visit visa to Dubai – we take you to the Free Zone to sign the relevant documents – come back to office and meet the banker (1 day)*. After this has been done you can leave UAE.
d)   Company incorporated and license issued (2 working days) 
e)    Immigration card approval (2-3 weeks)
f) Residency visa entry permit (1 week)  - After the entry permit is issued, you need to enter UAE within 55 days from the date of issuance of Entry permit.
g)     You arrive to Dubai - We take you for medical tests, biometrics etc. and get the visa stamped on passport (6-8 working days) 

*Note: You only need to stay in Dubai for a day during his first visit and 6-8 working days during your second visit for visa stamping. 
1. During the first visit (on visit visa for company formation) you are not required to undergo the medical check up and the other formalities. 
2. The Company will be formed normally within 2 working days once the documents are signed at the Free Zone.

With you, every Step of the way

Our account managers will be available to guide you through each step of the process and expedite the procedure whenever possible.

Our track record shows that we are uniquely qualified to help you. You are guaranteed a partner with exceptional knowledge and familiarity with the local customs, laws, and governance of UAE so that you can concentrate on reaping the many benefits of UAE’s business friendly climate!