Setting Up a Hong Kong Company

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You might now be convinced to choose Hong Kong as the jurisdiction to incorporate your business.

So, what’s next?

The registration process and annual filing requirements can be tedious, especially to foreign investors who are new to Hong Kong. It can be a lengthy and complicated procedure that requires the assistance of an expert secretary, like ourselves.

You have to comply with the legal requirements, do the necessary filings, and keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory development - otherwise, there will be penalties.

Our company will be your own dedicated company secretary and do the necessary filings and leg work for your business. Our professionals are also experts in the offshore claim procedure, for clients wishing to apply for offshore status. With us, you will be sure all the legal requirements and filings are taken care of.

Should you decide to proceed with us, the setup is easy and the requirements are simple.
Investors have the discretion to set up a new company or purchase an existing shelf company in Hong Kong.

Whether or not you are setting up a new company or acquiring an existing company, below are the requirements you need to comply with:

1. One shareholder
2. One director
3. Minimum 1 Hong Kong dollar as share capital (standard share capital 10,000 HKD)
4. Hong Kong registered address (provided by us)
5. Appointed company secretary (provided by us)

Shareholders and directors are not required to be Hong Kong residents. However, the appointed company secretary must be a local resident company or individual. Normally we act as company secretary, making sure the company fulfills all its duties.

L.P. Corporate Services Asia (LPCS Asia) has an excellent reputation in providing premium secretarial services to help overseas and local, companies and individuals to incorporate and administrate their business in Hong Kong.

Below mentioned items are what is needed to proceed with the business registration:

1. Duly filled out online order form
2. Duly filled out KYC application form (will be provided to you after order has been placed)
3. Notarized passport copy and utility bill (not older than 3 months) of the shareholders and directors

Note: Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum & articles, Certificate of incumbency are required for corporate shareholders.

If you do not have time to wait for the incorporation process to complete, we have ready made shelf companies ranging from just a few months old to 4 years and above.