Move to Hong Kong

Investing in a business in Hong Kong really offers unlimited benefits and advantages. As mentioned earlier, your company enjoys generous tax treatment, more business opportunities, and exciting experience.

If you are planning to build a startup in the city, moving to Hong Kong is an ideal decision. To stay in Hong Kong on a permanent basis, you would have to apply for an investment Visa.

Investment Visa is usually regarded as a working visa but it is actually a subcategory of it. This type is essentially processed for business owners who want to stay and do business in Hong Kong. It is normally valid for 1 year, to begin with (and then renewed every 2 years until permanent residency is approved), and once the application is approved, you are eligible to apply for Hong Kong identity card.

To be granted an investment visa, you should be able to prove that:

1. You are a shareholder of the Hong Kong Company and will take part in the business operation. Otherwise, a work visa is more appropriate.
2. Your business should improve Hong Kong’s economy.

The Immigration Department will also consider the following criteria before you can finally obtain an investment Visa.

1. Will you hire local Hong Kong employees?
2. Do you have a physical office?
3. Do you have sufficient funds to set up and manage the business?
4. Potential or actual business transactions

While minimum capital is not necessary, the Immigration Department requires you to submit a financial statement to ensure that you have sufficient funds to support your business in Hong Kong.

In order to obtain an investment visa, these documents should be completed/provided:

1. ID (E) 999A application form with signature (Download here)
2. ID(E) 999B application form with the signature of the company’s authorized representative (Download here)
3. Applicant’s passport
4. Applicant’s personal document
5. Business plan
6. Incorporation document
7. Financial document of the company and the applicant

Once the requirements have been met/completed, we will submit your application and then wait 4 to 8 weeks for the Immigration Department to process your application.

Our company has an in-depth knowledge of the processes of visa application and for the longest time serving investors in Hong Kong, we ensure that your application will be approved.

Please see the steps of the process below:

1. Apply for a free consultation for the investment visa application in Hong Kong.
2. During the consultation, you’ll be given advice and alternatives to ensure you a successful application.
3. You sign the letter of engagement for the application.
4. You make payment.
5. We prepare the application checklist.
6. We prepare the immigration drafts, forms, and letters.
7. We review your documents to make sure they fulfill the requirements of the application.
8. Draft the letter for the Department of Immigration.
9. Ongoing communication with the Department of Immigration.
10. Communicate with the Immigration Department on behalf of the applicant.
11. Receive the visa label from the Department of Immigration.
12. Send the approved visa to the applicant.
13. Assist with Hong Kong identity card application.

Hong Kong is the leading business center in Asia and is a great choice for entrepreneurs and investors. Many businesses are incorporated in the city annually and most are growing at a significant rate.

Therefore, if you plan to set up a new business in Hong Kong and would want to make the process as easy and painless as possible, contact us. We will work on your business registration and your visa application until it’s registered and approved.

Enjoy low tax, secrecy, and growth for your business in Hong Kong!