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Open a Hong Kong account through correspondence

Open an EMI Hong Kong account through correspondence. Like a regular Hong Kong bank account, you can send and receive payments, do forex conversions, use debit cards and more. EMI stands for Electronic Money Institution. In Hong Kong EMIs are licensed by the HK Monetary Authority that also licenses banks. Generally, they can provide services similar to fully licensed banks, but they do not pay interest on deposits or provide investments etc.

✔ Online account opening
✔ Compatible with nominee director service
✔ Dedicated bank account number with major international bank in Hong Kong
✔ Send and receive payments to/from around the world
✔ Connect with Stripe, Paypal, Amazon and other payment systems
✔ Spend anywhere, online and offline, withdraw cash from the ATM with your own corporate Mastercard.
✔ Worldwide transfers - faster and cheaper than a regular bank


The account opening can be done through correspondence, and there is no minimum deposit. The fact that the account opening can be handled through correspondence allows you to use a nominee director and/or nominee shareholder service, which is normally not possible when setting up a regular local Hong Kong corporate bank account (it is, however, possible if the Hong Kong company opens a bank account overseas).

The account opening is normally faster than with a regular bank. Approximately 2 weeks.

Incoming transfers will work like payments to a regular local Hong Kong bank account. The EMI will arrange for an account number in your company name with one of the major international banks in Hong Kong. The fact, that the account is held in your company name, is very important since it makes it compatible with payment services such as Stripe, Paypal or similar.

Clients from countries normally considered to be high risk (not countries under sanction) by local banks in Hong Kong can often still set up a corporate EMI account. (Countries in South East Asia, South America, certain European jurisdictions).

You do not need a Hong Kong company to open a corporate EMI account, however, only a few offshore jurisdictions are allowed. Such as Seychelles and BVI. But if you wish to open a Paypal account or Stripe account, you would need to use a Hong Kong company. Since their requirement is that the company and the bank account is in the same country.


You can receive money from all over the world as with any normal bank account, but there are currently some restrictions on the countries you can transfer money to. You can transfer money to the following countries and more countries are added by the day.

Get started and open a company with an EMI Hong Kong account today:

You can order your Hong Kong company with EMI account opening through correspondence by clicking here.

You can order your BVI company with EMI account opening through correspondence by clicking here.

You can order your Seychelles company with EMI account opening through correspondence by clicking here.